Regional Updates

(Fall 2014)

Keeping the End in Mind

Fall 2014 - Bob FlemmingFEB Central—With an affirmative vote at our April conference for “Stronger Together,” we move forward to reach the 15 million people of our Region for Christ. In 10 years, by God’s grace, we anticipate:

• 70 new churches
• an urban church planting centre in downtown Toronto
• the placement of 100 interns in guided ministry internships
• a five percent conversion growth (baptism) rate per church
• eight half-time Area Shepherds appointed and funded to care for and mentor pastors
• 100 equipping events for pastors, ministry staff, and/or volunteer leaders
• 150 women trained through our Women’s Ministry Institute
• all 19 Associations fully functioning in church health, church planting, and leadership development
• added staff in areas of Communications, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Church Planting

Truly the Lord has granted us a momentum that we long to see continued. These are historic days of opportunity! We are stronger together.

Bob Flemming, Regional Director, FEB Central

Partnership 2016Fall 2014 - David Horita

Fellowship Pacific is over half way through our five-year pilot project, “Partnership 2016.” We have been working together as a region to towards achieving the outcomes we believe are critical for mission effectiveness. Our annual growth is now over five percent per year. We enjoy increased partnering assistance with, and between, our churches. As well our regional income has increased substantially. In this past year, our Regional Staff and Board individually met with most of our church boards in order to ensure we are heading in the right direction. We are in this together, and God is working!

David Horita, Regional Director, Fellowship Pacific

Affirmations from the Prairies

Fall 2014 - Laurie KennedyFellowship Prairies—Several years ago, the Fellowship Prairies Leadership Board sponsored focus groups from the 34 churches of the Region.

The Board listened to their advice and drafted the original Family Matters document, which received unanimous approval at Equip 2010 and approval to proceed at Equip 2012.

Family Matters re-affirms the interdependence of the local church and the relationship between local churches and the larger family of churches; the Fellowship Affirmation of Faith as well as our belief in the Great Commission of Jesus to, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” It also confirms the FEBCAST/Fellowship Prairies Vision, Values and Ethics.

Laurie D. Kennedy, Regional Director, Fellowship Prairies

Vision 2020Fall 2014 - Gilles Lapierre

AÉBÉQ’s vision for 2020 takes aim at the four following areas:

Strengthen: Strengthen our churches and the link between the Association and its churches. This involves support for the spiritual health of churches (evangelism and discipleship), support for the integration of new workers, better communication with leaders and members of our churches in order to promote Vision 2020.

Radiate: Help the churches to develop a social plan of action in their communities so that the Gospel is not only heard, but also seen in the lives of believers.

Plant: Aim to ensure that 40 percent of our churches are participating in strategic church planting. We ask God to send us 45 church planters who are willing to start 30 new churches. We will need to select them, train them, send them, and find funding.

Form: In the next 10 years, SÉMBÉQ seeks to train 200 new workers, to help 20 churches form, and send out workers as did the churches of Antioch.

Gilles Lapierre, Regional Director, AÉBÉQ

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