Great Villagers Unite in Prayer

August 2011

Summer2011 - Great Village church wallThis April, Faith Baptist Church members in Great Village, NS, had the opportunity to participate in a prayer event that had the potential to make a huge impact on both the individuals and the congregation as a whole.  The Prayer team scheduled 24-7 Prayer Week to run from 1 p.m. on April 10 until 10 a.m. on April 17.

Members of the congregation were encouraged to commit to spending an hour in vigilant prayer in the “Prayer Room.”  The decorating team had transformed a classroom into a tranquil oasis with several prayer stations designed to prompt and encourage interactive prayer.  The walls were covered in brown paper. A variety of coloured pencils and markers were provided, and the walls were soon covered with messages of praise, words of scripture and prayers for loved ones and a hurting world.

Summer2011 - Great Village wailing wallA wailing wall was constructed in one corner with slots for people to slip their more personal petitions through, and a repentance tent was also constructed.  People showed up at the church building at all hours of the day and night, alone or in groups; many even brought their small children.   Response was so huge that the event was extended by nearly a week, officially ending the 24-7 Prayer event at 5 p.m. Good Friday evening.  A portion of the Prayer Room has been preserved for anyone who wishes to use it. 

The following are only a few comments that were passed on through email or in response to Pastor Steve’s blog (  

"This is amazing!  You can't go in that room and not feel closer to God and his church.  Short of being saved this may be the most awesome thing I have ever been involved with.  I know God isn't just in the prayer room but the atmosphere and visual reminders are so helpful.  Please God this will go on and on! Prayer is powerful and this is awakening a lot of people to grab hold of it!” — C.V.  

“[We] took the kids in the prayer room today as well. When we left [our daughter] looked at me and said, ‘Mommy, that was amazing! When can we do it again?’  I'm going to take her next week with just me and she can't wait. It's so important for our children to be a part of this!  [It’s important] to teach them to pray, to see other people's needs and love for God. I am so thankful that we have done this. God is moving in a very powerful way this week!” — L. M.  

“I had my first experience in the prayer room this morning at 5 a.m.  I don't believe that there is a word to describe my experience.  I struggled a little bit to get there on a cold, frosty, early morning, but from the moment that I shut the door, I felt [God’s] presence there with me in a HUGE way. Not loud and with trumpets, but a warm, soft, loving embrace. Thank you to the Prayer team for giving us the chance to experience something so wonderful. I look forward to my time tomorrow.” — C. T.    

Reprinted from Fellowship Atlantic’s 2011 Annual Report

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