Checking in for a Spiritual Check-Up

People - Schultz, LyndaI’ve just had my “five year, fifty-thousand mile” check-up. Obviously there wasn’t any question as to whether or not I was alive, but having reached the age of sixty-something, the question raises its ugly head: “Just how ‘alive’ are you?” I know my bones “creak” but it’s what I can’t see or feel at this stage in my life that might need checking out. This “earthly tent” (2 Corinthians 5:1, NIV) is showing signs of wear and tear.

Like the physical body, the church needs a little assessment every once in a while to check on its health. That’s what this edition of The Evangelical Baptist and THRIVE: The EB Online, is all about. Just how healthy are we as churches and church leaders? As spiritual EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) we will: take our pulse—how alive are we?, check our respiration —how well is the life of God flowing through us to others, and measure our temperature. Did you know that a certain amount of fever is actually beneficial in fighting off infection? Fervour works in the context of the church, but what are the signs of a “spiritual fever” that has reached the point of turning into a “crash-and-burn?”

Spiritual health is measured in many ways: through conversion growth, baptisms, social justice, evangelism, our concern for the planet, and in how we take care of ourselves as the temple of God. Though these are only a few, you’ll find slices of all of them in this issue.

I “passed” my check-up. As you read you can decide if we, as a Fellowship, look like we are passing ours.  The Great Physician is looking at the test results right now.