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Catch a glimpse of what God has accomplished over the past five decades of Fellowship International and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that await us as together, through Project 2013: Back to the Future, we partner to further impact the nations for Christ.

1960s   Returning to our Beginnings

Fellowship International’s beginnings took it to India in 1963. Paul and Mary Kerr, Colin and Merle Butcher, and Terry and Carol Madison, provided the catalyst that created what is now Fellowship International.

The Present
New appointees, Raj and Kim Vannadil, are preparing to carry on the training and equipping of national leadership within India. Many of these pastors have little or no formal theological education. The Vannadils will be working with LeadersFor, a tested and proven program providing local, church-based, theological training.

Project 2013 funds will be used to launch the Vannadils into this strategic ministry, and provide resources for establishing a new LeadersFor project in South India.

Project goal: $59,000

1970s   Missions Full Circle

A phone call from missionary, Don Whiteside, opened the door for Fellowship International to move into Colombia, South America. One of the first people Don led to the Lord was Jaime Cardona who would pastor a key church in Medellín for many years.

The Present
The Association of Baptist Churches in Colombia, which came into being in 1972, is preparing to begin its own missionary movement. One of Colombia’s capable missionary leaders is Diego Cardona, son of Jaime. Diego is a highly respected leader of men, a preacher, writer, church planter, and now, facilitator of the missionary movement among our Colombian churches. Project 2013 funds will be used as seed money to launch this Colombian-grown missionary sending movement.

Project goal: $59,000

1980s    From Creation to the Cross

Europe, once the heart of the Reformation, was hard ground in 1985 when Richard and Brenda Flemming arrived in France as part of Fellowship International’s vanguard of missionaries.

The Present
Guy Leduc’s passion for sharing the Gospel takes him from university campuses to cafés. His background as an engineer, archaeologist, and apologist has gained him respect among non-Christians in many parts of the world and he is in great demand as a speaker. Modern media can provide the churches with Guy’s presentations and resources and enable them to more quickly and effectively take Guy’s unique presentation of Biblical truth into the wider community.

Project 2013 funds will be used to prepare, reproduce, and distribute Guy’s presentations in video form in various languages.

Project goal: $66,000

1990s   Making Christ Known

When the Fellowship became Canada-wide in 1965, Fellowship International inherited the mission field of Japan, a legacy of our British Columbia churches. Those missionaries had chosen to work in Toyama Province and birthed a new generation of workers represented by Carl DeBoer.

The Present
In the 1990s, Fellowship International shifted its focus to the more highly-populated areas on the eastern side of the country. Tsukuba Baptist Church, a recent church plant, will use Project 2013 funds to assist the congregation as they equip their new building and landscape the grounds.

Project 2013 will also provide funding for some new church planting projects created when the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 devastated much of the northeast of the country.

Project goal: $81,000

2000s   A FAIR Wind Blows in Africa

FAIR (Fellowship Agency for International Relief) came into being in 1974. Originally designed to respond to emergencies situations, FAIR began to take a more proactive role in longer-term projects and in development during the 2000s, focusing on areas where our missionaries were working.

The Present
Fellowship International missionaries, Richard and Brenda Flemming, during their travel as missions’ trainers, have been impacted by the poverty gripping the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most farmers work at a subsistence level and have few tools, next to no equipment, and no resources.

Through FAIR, Project 2013 will provide funding to purchase cattle, land and a farm vehicle and provide the Baptist Church Association opportunity to partner with their churches in improving the livelihoods of their congregants. Strengthening congregations economically will increase their potential to do missions and to reach their Francophone Africa with the Gospel.

Project goal: $35,000


We invite and encourage you to partner with Fellowship International through Project 2013: Back to the Future. For more information, visit the Fellowship website by CLICKING HERE.


Beginning this fall and throughout this next year, special celebration events marking Fellowship International’s 50th anniversary will be held across Canada. This is an opportunity for us to take a look back at what God has accomplished through Fellowship International, and look forward to what God has in store for us as together we seek to impact the nations for Christ. Funds raised through these celebration events will go towards Project 2013 and be used to advance the Gospel of Christ as we look forward with anticipation to what God has prepared for us. Keep an eye on the Fellowship web site for further details!