Our Missionaries say "Thank You"

Through prayer letters, church presentations and personal communication, the missionaries of Fellowship International endeavor to express their gratitude to the people in our Fellowship churches who have faithfully prayed and supported them throughout our history as a mission. What follows are just a few “hugs” to add to those expressions. We will be forever grateful to God for the people who, like Aaron and Hur, hold up their arms so that they can carry out the ministries to which God has called them.


"Karen and I would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our supporting Fellowship churches that have faithfully prayed and donated so that we could serve in Pakistan.  Without your support, encouragement, prayers and sacrificial giving we would not have been privileged to see God bring Sindhis such as "Nathaniel" and "Daniel" to Christ, to see them witnessing to their families and then having household churches established.  In addition, to see the vision of a common language Sindhi Bible become a reality over the last 25 years is incredibly significant as God uses His Word to transform people's live.  We are grateful that you have considered us worthy of your prayers and support."

 —The Naylors


"As one of the longest continuously serving missionary couples with Fellowship International, we are so thankful for the faithfulness of prayer and financial supporters who are committed for the long haul.  Donna and I have enjoyed this kind of significant relationship with some our churches and individual partners for almost 40 years.  Thank you for being faithful!"  

 —The Nielsens


"Our hearts overflow with gratitude to our Fellowship churches that prayed that God would bless us over our years of service in Bulgaria, that prayed that people would receive Jesus as their Saviour as well as grow spiritually, We are extremely grateful to our Fellowship churches who have given financial support to us, as well as to the humanitarian work that opened the door to the Gospel! So many people here, in Bulgaria, are very thankful for the many blessings they have received through your sacrifice and generosity.  May the Lord richly bless all of our Fellowship Churches."

 —Susie Frey and Giséle Laplante


"Spiritual battles are always discovered, fought and won on our knees. Thank you so much for you faithful support over the years from the first day until now. Many have been the expressions of love, that it times of crisis were our strength. Unknown heroes abound. The Lord has taken note of each and every one of them, Great is your reward."

 —The Jolleys


"Your faithful prayers and support for more than 23 years have been such an encouragement to us. We remember also the JBEQ teams that have come to help during summer evangelism and construction teams that have worked with us in building an office, a camp and a church building in Belgium. Aujourd’hui l’Espoir has created a dynamic that is still bearing fruit in Belgium and now in France. You are partners with us. Thank you to all of you!"

—The Greths


"We give thanks to God for the way Fellowship churches have stood by us in prayer when we faced setbacks early in our church plant. We have been amazed at the patience and perseverance that’s been shown by our supporters. It’s given us the courage to keep pressing on and now experience God’s harvest. And we’ve been overwhelmed by the generous financial support and short-term personnel that Fellowship churches have stepped up to provide particularly in the wake of the 3/11 triple disaster and in the challenge to build our first church building."

 —The Sadlers


"From the frontlines of remote villages in Bengal, Bengali pastors are being trained in Kolkata to be more effective in their ministry of growing healthy biblical churches. These churches will multiply and reach out to the world's largest unreached peoples' group of 230 million Bengali speaking people. Our heartfelt gratitude to Fellowship Churches across Canada, and especially in Ontario and BC, who have partnered with us, and others, to make this training available to pastors in countries where it is next to impossible for them to go to Bible College for the training they need to do the ministry to which God has called them. ‘Till the nets are full."

—The Chens 


"Thanks to all of those who have come to Colombia, S. A. during these fifty years. Some came for a long time; other for a few weeks. Your presence has been a tremendous blessing for us."

—The Cardonas


"Dear Friends, faithfulness is based on hope that God will bring fruit over time. We want to thank you so much for praying for so many people and events in Colombia over the years. There are more than 1500 believers and 9 churches in Medellin that have to recognize how God has won the spiritual battle in their hearts. So much prayer and investment has brought so much fruit. The price that God invests in a single soul is amazing."

—The Webbs


"How can I begin to remember all that my churches did to enable me to be in Pakistan. To begin, my church (Calvary Baptist, Oakville ) commissioned me and sent with substantial support and continued for 29 years. And then all the other churches who faithfully continued to give so willingly.  But the most vital part was the many who prayed faithfully and wrote to tell me so. Without them I could not have stayed!"

—Hannah Pollock


"We are so thankful to the many churches and individuals that stood behind us all our years in Kenya and continue to be there for us in our ministry in Vancouver.  Every time I get an update from Ngorika children's home I recall the sacrificial prayers and gifts that allow those children to have a new life."

—The Buhlers


"The Gospel you and I have believed gives us the privilege to share in the glory of Christ and the joy of spreading it forward with our prayers, our giving, our commitment.  We are very thankful for the immense participation of MANY in our "Barnabas Project" at camp Kunów. Many gave, many built, many prayed.  New facilities are now standing as a proof of the Lord's goodness and will to see the Gospel be preached to many on that beautiful site.  We are also thankful for the desire of many joining us in prayer to see the Kingdom of God go forward in a nation where the need for evangelism, church planting and good leadership is so overwhelming.  We thank the Lord for you."

—The Jutras