Take Your Cue from Kenya

Jesus sometimes was accused of hanging around with the wrong people in the wrong places. But it was in those “wrong” places, among those “wrong” people that His message of love and hope and forgiveness made the most sense. It doesn’t always take a multi-million dollar facility to deliver the message; take this story from the Ordinary People With An Extraordinary God, shared by one of our Fellowship International missionaries, Andy Wildsmith, serving in Kenya.

“One of our fourth year students, John Kabuchwas, recently told of an evangelism experience he had during the break in December. He and another student were assigned to witness in the downtown area of a town in the Eastern Province as part of a crusade. They shared the Gospel with everyone they met, including a group of about 20 young men playing pool in a small hotel. This group paid more attention to their game than the Gospel until John was invited to play. He witnessed as he played and on the spot he drew analogies between pool and the Gospel and how, in some ways, Jesus is like the white ball. At one point he said, ‘Just like the balls cannot enter into the pockets without being hit by the while one, a human being can’t see God without a touch from Jesus Christ.’ He won the game, their respect and a hearing. Some of these young men came to the open-air rally the team had organized and two were saved through John’s ‘pool table evangelism.’ Including the young man John beat at pool.”

International pics - Ordinary People Extraordinary God cover

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