Retirement? Well...

How do you sum up a lifetime of service? True, the complete story has not yet been told, but Mike and Janet Morris are celebrating an official end to a big chunk of those years of service.

In the early 70s, Mike and Janet felt the call to overseas service, largely due to the influence of the Urbana student missionary conferences. That call solidified while they were students at seminary in Toronto.

In 1979, the Morrises were appointed to serve in Pakistan with Fellowship International, and left for the Sindh in March 1980. In 1982, after language study, they began to church plant among the Marwari Bhil people. As they lived with, and learned from, the Marwaris, they also began to teach and train elders for house church groups.

Mike mentored Rajan Victor who became the director of the Marwari ministry, and mentored a Marwari couple, Sato and Barjoo, who are still working as an evangelism team among the Marwaris. At the end of 1994, there were about 30 villages where Marwari believers gathered in small groups for weekly worship.

In 1995 Mike and Janet began to work with the Oad people. When their elder-evangelist, David Ranjha, died in 1995, the Morrises worked with his family in outreach and in the development of leadership for the scattered believers.

The Morrises left Pakistan in November of 2002. In 2003 they were seconded to SIM's Culture Connexions group. In 2007 they began working in partnership with The Jesus Network in a Muslim neighborhood in Toronto where they have had an effective outreach ministry.

The Morrises are now retired from “official” service with Fellowship International, but you can be sure the equally faithful “unofficial” service they are still doing will be divinely recorded.