Fueled by Prayer

To some it might be simplistic to say that there is only one key to doing mission successfully.

But if you were to ask those who have had any major experience with revival, and the ensuing harvest of born-again people that results from such an extraordinary movement of the Spirit of God among His people, there is a common denominator: PRAYER. Every great revival has come out of prayer. And heaven knows just how much we need a movement of the Spirit of God among us!

So it doesn’t take a great leap from point A to point B to realize why prayer has become a neglected element in church life—Satan doesn’t like believers who pray because he, if not we, understands prayer’s power.

Daniel Henderson nails it in Transforming Prayer when he writes: “Our spiritual enemy is fully aware of the power and promises available to us in prayer. He knows we are all called to be ‘praying menaces’ to his cause. Therefore he fights us from every angle to keep us from praying effectively. The devil launches his weapons of mass distraction to keep us too preoccupied with other things to take time to really connect with God” (pg. 41).

If our mission is to succeed, if our churches are to be effective, if God is to be glorified in us and through us, if our world is to be changed from the inside out, we need to return to being a people engaged in fervent, persistent, righteous prayer. E. M. Bounds warns: “If Satan cannot prevent a great movement of God, his craftiest device is to corrupt that movement. If he can put the movement first and the spirit of the movement in the background, he has thoroughly corrupted the movement. Only mighty prayer will save the movement from materialism and keep its spirit strong” (The Classic Collection on Prayer, pg. 180).

The Fellowship Movement is not exempt from its need to be a Spirit-ignited movement fueled by prayer.

Sunday, November 15th is the Fellowship National Day of Prayer (though you don’t have to wait until then to start!). Go to fellowship.ca/dayofprayer to download some suggested tools that you can use.