The "How To" of the Fellowship Foundation

One of the ways you can make the best use of your resources is through our new Fellowship Foundation. Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity, or a means through which to give directly, or how to leave a legacy gift in your Will, we can help you place those resources wherever your heartfelt passions lie.

We provide return on investment, whether your risk tolerance is solely structured to guaranteed interest, or is more speculative and can handle a balanced portfolio of bonds and equities. Or if you like, we can arrange a combination of both. We offer an enhanced rate of return on our interest plans. For the portfolio, an administration fee of 1% is standard—a great rate not provided in the retail investment market. All of this is fully redeemable. Availability is subject to conditions that apply.

You can assign your donation to any ministry, whether National or Regional, and to whatever churches or persons God has placed upon your heart. The same applies to giving through your Will in a Legacy Gift. If you do not have a Will, we can provide you with the legal support to have one prepared. The process is done quickly and easily, and at a cost that is extremely affordable. To date the Foundation has funded international relief, a church built through mortgage financing, and church planting endeavours. If you want to be a part of this exciting movement and need more information, you can reach me using the contact information provided.