Touching the Heart

Imagine waking up one day realizing that it is no longer safe to live in your home. You and your family are threatened by bombs, stray bullets, and physical violence every day that you stay there. So you leave hoping for a better, safer life – and wind up in a refugee camp. You’re no longer threatened by stray bombs and bullets, but your movements are restricted. Your living conditions are subhuman. Your children can’t go to school. You can’t work, and your money is running out. This is the reality that many refugees are facing worldwide. These are the people that FAIR, through our partnership with OM (Operation Mobilization) seeks to help.

Safe Passage is a refugee ministry led by OM – Europe, which brings travelling refugees in contact with Jesus’ love as they journey, seeking a safe haven and a better life. Over the past year, they have been working in five strategic transition points in Europe. They’re providing relief to thousands of needy refugees, giving them an opportunity to connect with local believers and spreading a message of hope.

As of August 2016, Fellowship churches and individuals have joined together to raise $126,108 in support of the Safe Passage ministry. In addition to enabling this important ministry to refugees overseas, many Fellowship churches are actively engaged in the process of sponsoring refugees. There are currently 37 churches that have inquired about refugee sponsorship or are applying through other organizations, and 10 churches who are in the process of applying through the Fellowship. Three churches have already had their applications approved. In total, the number of refugees being sponsored through Fellowship churches is 57 — a number that is growing larger each week!

With the financial and prayer support of Fellowship churches and donors, we are helping to fulfill the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of travelling and camp refugees across the Middle East and Europe as well as those refugees being sponsored through Fellowship churches. Praise God, for He is providing for His people through His children!

For more information on our short-term and long-term approach to alleviating the suffering
of refugees, please visit our website: