Love is Moving

“The Love Movement” was conceived to empower Christian youth, to help them gain a Biblical understanding of God’s love and live it out in the world through their actions. 

The vision is to unite Christian youth in local churches across Canada in order to revitalize our youth’s understanding of God’s love, help make a greater impact for God’s Kingdom, and help grow the future of
the local church. 

“The Love Movement” was founded by two Fellowship pastors: Ben Porter and Joel Gordon. Today, they are affiliated with multiple national partners, including the youth arm of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC).

 It was seven years ago when God spoke to me about the need for young people in the local church to truly understand what love is. I remember thinking, what a silly thing to say we do not know what love is when
it seems to be everywhere from movies to commercials to the internet. You would think ‘love’ should be the most understood and thus easiest to be lived-out concept ever. But through much research, I have found that our culture understands love as selfish and sexual. This understanding is not only embraced by Hollywood, but rather it is accepted and lived out in the lives of people in households all around North America and beyond, including local church youth.

Joel Gordon and I are on pastoral staff at Willowdale Baptist Church. We developed a media curriculum that led to Canada’s first national Christian youth television series, which led to a national Christian youth magazine called Love is Moving. The Love is Moving magazine is published by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and delivered to local churches and stores across the country. The goal of this love movement is to engage with Christian youth, teaching what love is Biblically and then challenging them to put this learning into action, with the hope that their faith in Christ will deepen. We have seen and heard testimonies of young people across Canada being transformed by God through living out His love.

If you know of a young person who is growing in Christ through serving others, we would love to share their story in the Love is Moving magazine so it can encourage other young people to do the same and join the love movement.

Benjamin Porter is Co-Founder of Love is Moving:,,