Alberta Wildfire: One Year Later

The year 2016 brought a seemingly unending list of devastating natural and man-made events around the world. In spite of this, it’s hard to argue that the Alberta wildfires, which caused the hurried evacuation of the entire city of Fort McMurray, doesn’t loom largest of these events in the minds of many Canadians. However, from the ashes of this fire came stories of the compassion and love of Christ, flowing out from Fellowship churches and individuals. To date we’ve received over $255,000 towards relief efforts that are ongoing in Fort McMurray. With this financial support, NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church (Fort McMurray, AB) staff were quickly able to start providing relief through their pre-existing food bank immediately upon their return to the city. To date, approximately 4,500 families have come through their doors seeking help. Since November 2016, NorthLife has handed out 2,300 quilts; 1,200 duvets; 1,050 pallets of food, clothing, and toiletries; 29 oversized boxes of clothing, socks, and towels; 30,000 pairs of shoes; and 2,500 flats of water — all supplied from various sources across Canada. With the ability to provide food, water, clothes, shoes, kids’ summer camps, and other events to keep spirits high, NorthLife continues to spread hope and light to the city in the name of Christ.

— Denise Wicks is Administrative Assistant for FAIR and our Communications department.