#TheGreatestBook is a call to all Fellowship churches to spend 14 days (November 5-19, 2017) together studying the Bible, celebrating the gift of God’s Word, and enjoying the joy of community. Participating churches can download the digital toolkit from our website, which contains suggested sermons, studies for every age group, and a reproducible devotional booklet. 

Here’s a list of potential next steps to implement the Bible Engagement project in your church:

1. Take a look now at your planning calendar and schedule November 5-19 (or an alternate two weeks) so that you and your church can participate in this life-impacting project.

2. Download and use the reproducible promotional materials (brochure, poster) to promote the project among your congregation.

3. Download the Bible Engagement video and highlight the project in your Sunday morning worship service. 

4. Encourage your church family to be praying for and during the #TheGreatestBook Bible Engagement event.

5. Download the ministry toolkit from our website. 

6. Provide the study materials to small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and provide copies (digitally or printed) of the devotional for individuals in your congregation to use.

7. Review the suggested sermons to consider which you might use for the three Sundays; or use the outline to prepare a sermon that highlights the importance and value of the Scriptures.

8. Beginning Sunday, November 5th, join other Fellowship churches from across Canada as together we engage in the Word of God.

9. Encourage your congregation to engage throughout the study on social media using #TheGreatestBook
and @FellowshipNatl .

10. Send a testimony to the Fellowship National office after your Bible Engagement project and we’ll share the blessing with others.