Pastoral Member Care

Each of our Fellowship Regions offers their own resources to aid pastors and their families in their soul-care:

Fellowship Pacific offers a database of equipping tools, as well as their OASIS workshops and seminars. They also offer leadership training tools such as Called to Influence, Called to Dialogue: Tools for handling Crucial Conversations, and Called to Lead. Experienced pastor Bruce Christensen is available to counsel pastors during times of stress, and church consultation resources are available on their website, as well as appointments upon request.

Fellowship Prairies offers the help of Regional coaches Phil Webb, Leadership Health and Development, and Rod Black, Multi-Cultural Ministry. They assist pastors in strategizing for missions outreach, provide outings for pastors apart from ministry, lead workshops on Significant Conversations, and train small group leaders. Other resources and retreats offered include: Engage, which is annual and varies in format each year between a personal retreat, conference, etc.; Encounter, an annual retreat that is for pastors and their wives; and Equip which is an annual convention/business meeting followed by speakers and electives. The Regional Director and Regional Leadership Coach meet with pastors once a month in northern and southern Alberta, and also meet with pastors in Saskatchewan and Manitoba throughout the year. There is also a team available for church consultations that meets with the church leadership for the purpose of helping them determine how to encourage and strengthen their team and congregation.

FEB Central offers the help of Area Shepherds, who help to encourage, support, and pray for pastors. They also connect with pastors, staff, and families, attend Association meetings, build relationships, encourage the development and healthy functioning of Associations, broker resources, and assist in reconciliation when invited. In addition to our Area Shepherds, we offer retreat centers such as Enrich Canada, OASIS Retreats, and Kerith Retreats (Focus on the Family Canada), as well as the Pastors’ Conference and Pastors’ Wives and Women in Ministry Retreat. They also host workshops for the health of pastors (Do MORE BETTER, Critical Care, and Gospel Coaching).

AÉBÉQ offers ministry workers the help of regional pastoral activities, for the purpose of collaboration and mutual edification; provincial pastoral care for rest, exhortation, and instruction; follow-up care through Regional Coordinators (a resource person who provides leadership in the Region), the Director of Church Vitality, and the Director General, who offer financial resources and tools to help churches regain and maintain their vitality. The Region also offers coaching to younger ministry workers, carried out by an experienced pastor, as well as external counseling resources for married couples (financial and human resources). A portion of their regional funding is set aside for the purpose of helping couples who go through difficult times to seek support from qualified advisors. Finally there is the support of The Barnabas Foundation, which was founded to provide pastors with supports to prevent burn-out or help deal with other needs.

Fellowship Atlantic offers pastors care through their Regional Director, including monthly cluster gatherings for all of our pastors which include significant peer encouragement and counsel. Retired pastors are available to counsel and encourage younger men, and the region provides an annual two-day retreat for pastoral staff that includes quality prayer and share times as groups and one on one. There are also people within the region who offer the use of property/ homes for pastoral couples to get away for a week at no cost to them.