Are you a Cult?

Fall 2017 - church facadeFrom the 1960s onward, the entire Catholic empire began to crack and collapse in response to the aspiration of the whole of Quebec society to free itself from the influence of the "Church”. French Canadians then began to eagerly seek freedom of all kinds — sexual, economic, and cultural. All this placed the Church on the defensive, with its message expressing the authority of God, the Bible, and Christ.

Moreover, it must be said that for centuries the Catholic clergy has denigrated — or even demonized — Protestantism, which has nourished the feelings of alienation towards Protestants in Quebec society. Decades of sexual abuse of children by leaders of both Catholic and Protestant churches has contributed to the discrediting of all churches, with the moral and spiritual values they bear. Thus, the suspicion has spread over the whole of Christianity.

However, even in the midst of all of the above, God saved thousands of Quebecers during this period who went on to form hundreds of local churches. The churches in turn emphasized the establishment of churches, ministries of evangelization, discipleship, the emergence of movements such as “Today's Hope”, and the launch of evangelistic programs on radio and TV throughout Quebec.

A large number of evangelical churches and associations have enthusiastically embarked on various "social actions" that are very popular with the community. Occasionally, evangelical leaders were interviewed by mainstream media on various topics. We cannot say that evangelical Christians are persecuted, nor subject to legal recourse because of their faith. We have complete freedom to fulfill our mission!

I wish I could say that people are knocking at our door to hear the Word of God, but that is not the case. The indifference of native Quebecers is discouraging. The terrain is difficult, and the conquests too! The most powerful argument for convincing our fellow-countrymen is, first of all, lives demonstrating the power of God and a bold vocal testimony of the Good News of Jesus by "all the disciples of Christ." Many see this as the greatest challenge for leaders in the coming years: mobilizing and equipping believers for the work of ministry!


— Michel Michel Habib is a Fellowship Chaplain serving at the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.