Introducing the Fellowship Foundation Directors

Director (di·rec·tor) noun: one who directs.

You may be reading this line and say, “Wow, that was really deep! Couldn’t have figured that one out myself!” And from its initial viewing, I can’t blame you. However, when you look at it more closely it has a far deeper meaning.

People who direct can head an organization or administer units like schools, bureaus, or communications teams. They can be an individual or group of persons to oversee the direction of a corporate enterprise, a person that can conduct an orchestra, or one who can lead the artistic creation of a motion picture. It has much more far-reaching implications then just “one who directs”.

We have Directors in our Fellowship Foundation — men and women who are faithfully giving of their time and service to direct this wonderful vehicle that was created for the purpose of advancing God‘s Kingdom and helping facilitate the generosity of God’s good people.

What do they do as Directors? They make sure we adhere to the governance of legislation pertaining to Foundations, federally and for each province. They assure its integrity and transparency, adhering to the investment principles for our investors. And they assure that the funds that are given go directly to the passions of our donors.

Who are these faithful Foundation Directors? They are currently:

  • Doug Blair B.A, Th.M.
  • Carol Stewart BBA, CPA, CA
  • Larry Olfert MD G.P.
  • Larry Nelson FCPA, FCA
  • Donald Dafoe FCPA, FCA
  • Roger Flemming

All of these are skilled workers called by God to complete His good work in this ministry. Please add them to your prayer list as we all need support before the throne of grace.

If you want to access our principles and ordinances, you can view our Bylaws and Policy Manual online at Click on the link “Forms and Resources”, where you can download these documents freely.

And while you are there, check out our video that presents what the Foundation is all about. If our message strikes at your heart and you would like to learn more about this, you can reach me using the contact information provided below.


Gord Baptist is Fellowship Advancement Director and can be reached at:  519-821-4830, extension 244 ~ fax 519-821-9829 ~