Faith Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC

Faith Fellowship Baptist is a tapestry of 50 nations woven together to become one family. On September 10th we celebrated our twelfth Circle of Nations Day, where we bring national flavours of our dress, music, scriptures, flags, and food in one special celebration. On September 3rd we were privileged to baptize another new believer formerly connected to the Muslim community.

Since 2000 we’ve worked to deliberately feed the mantra of ‘every tribe and tongue and nation’ to get a taste of heaven now. At that time, we launched childcare programs for new Canadians and single parents, and we partnered with our sister Spanish church (El Redentor) to establish a Foodbank and create homes for refugees (New Hope). Sharing food on the streets of Vancouver became an outreach program, and our youth worked at Potter’s mission with a Korean team.

We hold summer camps and outreach programs to First Nations people in Lytton. Cross-cultural training is offered weekly by Mark Buhler (Fellowship International), who also welcomes other church teams to spend a weekend connecting with the many multicultural businesses and religious centers where we are building relationships. He also travels to equip churches in cross-cultural skills. We teach community.

We send short-term teams to Uganda to connect with street boys in the two duplexes we built in Kabale. We partner with the neighbourhood house to host newcomer orientation in the community. Each month members from different ethnic groups host a lunch for the church family after service. We offer FM radio translation when needed. We do anything we can to build the body of Christ, and that includes welcoming people from other cultures into our midst and embracing them as part of our family.

Jack Taylor is Senior Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Vancouver, BC.