East Coast Start-ups and Renewals

It’s true that in many rural places in our region you can’t go 20 kms without passing two or more church buildings. A visitor recently asked a man who was painting a church in the center of town what time the service was on Sunday. The man replied, “Oh no by’ we’s don’t meet for church here anymore. Actually none of d’ese villages has a preacher in em right now.” There may be a lot of church buildings, but there is a desperate need for a movement of Gospel renewal and church plants. Many of these congregations have moved far from a Gospel that has the ability to save lives. Others have simply become buildings that are used for occasional weddings or community get-togethers.

We are beginning to see some church plant and church renewal traction in our region. There are 15 church planters and leaders who meet monthly to work through what planting in our region looks like. We are seeing the Fellowship’s two recent plants in our region making significant strides into their rural villages as they get asked to serve in various roles in the communities — even in coming alongside a couple of dying congregations to see Gospel renewal happen!

Recognizing the need for both planting and renewal movements, PAXnorth Church is hoping to raise $30,000 a year over the next ten years to train twenty pastors and planters who will impact our region.  Join with us as we pray and work towards a Gospel renewal in our region.

Brad Somers is lead pastor of PAXnorth Church in Halifax, NS.