Marriage and Human Sexuality Policy

During our Fellowship National Conference (November 12-14, 2018) in Richmond, BC, our churches will be voting to approve a new policy. This new policy will replace the current “Fellowship Marriage Policy”, which was adopted February 22, 2007.

The motivation for a new policy is due to the societal and legal realities that have transpired in Canada since 2007. There is a definite need to define Biblical marriage and address gender identity issues. The new policy in question has been developed over a two-year process, which included a task force that studied the subjects in question and drafted the policy. This team consisted of three pastors, three professors, and three National Council members. It has been vetted by pastors, five Regional Directors, National Directors, and both Regional and National Councils. The policy will be distributed to our churches in the Fall 2018 for consideration and adoption at our annual Fellowship National Conference. No policy is a perfect document, but this policy is a solid attempt to define our view of Biblical marriage and human sexuality while seeking to protect our churches and clergy.

The policy states that homosexual practice is a violation of God’s definition of human sexuality. It is contrary to God’s created order and is behavior viewed in Scripture as a serious violation of God’s basic moral laws. Nowhere in Scripture does one find any Biblical trajectory toward its approval.

The policy seeks to address these Biblical truths in a spirit of grace, mercy, and kindness, emphasizing the need for our churches to be safe places for people to experience healthy, restored relationships with God and others. The Church is called to affirm the dignity of all people, treating everyone with respect in grace-filled communities, providing love, support and accountability.

The policy makes clear the official position of the Fellowship concerning the solemnization of marriage and the result of a church or clergy acting contrary to the Fellowship’s policy statement on “Marriage and Human Sexuality.”

Steve Jones is President of Fellowship National.