Fellowship Foundation

As I have now passed the threshold of being 60+ years of age, when it comes to accessing information, I find myself in a state of constant confliction. I love having the printed page in my hands. I’m not one that like’s to access my news media by a smart phone, iPad, or computer screen. I still like the sound of rustling paper and the stain of ink on my fingertips. However technology just won’t allow that to continue. And so as I struggle to deal with our world today, I find myself now conforming to what it demands. If I want to share and promote what I need, technology is a major part. Therefore, we now have online accessibility to our Fellowship Foundation on our webpage. And in actuality, it does it better than print. The Foundation helps to facilitate the generosity of God‘s people to Fellowship ministries; anything that you need to know about us you can now access on our Foundation webpage.

For example, we have our promotional and reference forms readily available for you. Through our “Promotional Materials” link, you can access our brochures, which give an overview of what the Foundation can do. For more detailed information, our “Reference Material” link enables you to access and download our Bylaws, Policy Manual, Financial Statement, as well as our Bequest and Investment forms.

For an overall understanding, you can view our video, which gives a clear picture of the Foundation’s purpose — connecting the passions of our donors to good works. Currently, many have expressed this by tithing in their Will. Fellowship ministries to date have received over $2.5 million in pledges from Legacy Giving to advance His Kingdom. If you want to be part of this great movement, I invite you to go online to see how you can partner your generosity to God’s glory. Join us at www.fellowship.ca/foundation. And for those who prefer old-fashioned personal help, you can reach me using the contact information provided below.

— Gord Baptist is Fellowship Advancement Director and can be reached at: 519.821.4830, extension 244 ~ fax 519.821.9829 ~ gbaptist@fellowship.ca