Fellowship 48

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November 7 – 9, 2011

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto International Airport Holiday Inn 970 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON


The Speakers:
∙ Steven Jones – the new President of The Fellowship

∙ Bob Flemming – FEB Central Regional Director

∙ Gilles Lapierre – AÉBÉQ Regional Director

∙ David Horita – Fellowship Pacific Regional Director


Six workshop tracks will be available with two workshop sessions on Tuesday afternoon and two workshop sessions on Wednesday afternoon. The tracks include:

• Church Planting
• International Ministries
• Church Health
• Church Leadership
• Evangelism
• Personal topics


Special Events:
        ■ Monday evening—a reception to meet the new president,
        ■ Tuesday evening—official launch of the Fellowship's Project 2012
        ■ Wednesday evening—a closing banquet with special entertainment
             (this is included in the registration price)


Registration: $175 for individuals $250 for couples

To register, download the registration forms from www.fellowship.ca or call the national office (519-821-4830).


Room reservations:
The Fellowship room rate for the Airport Holiday Inn is $115/night plus applicable taxes. To make reservations, choose one of the following options:

Please join us! You will be blessed.


Serve, Unite, Thrive

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