I Quit: Stop Pretending Everything is Fine and Change Your Life

Geri Scazzero with Peter Scazzero  
ISBN 978-0-310-32196-5

As we go through life we all make choices – some good, some not so good – all of which can impact our lives both spiritually and emotionally. Geri Scazzero realized that as a result of choices she had made there was something desperately wrong with her life and ministry, and so she made some different choices – or as she put it she quit.

There are clearly negative overtones to quitting (for example the old adage that quitters never win) and so Scazerro explains that the kind of quitting she is talking about isn’t about weakness or giving up in despair, but rather about strength and choosing to live in the truth.

It’s easy to pretend things are fine when really they aren’t, It’s an illusion – or more accurately a delusion – that can permeate all areas of life including marriages, families, relationships, work and church. But it isn’t healthy emotionally. And sooner or later you get to the point where you just can’t pretend any more.

You will find in the pages of I Quit the story of how pastor’s wife Geri Scazzero, no longer misled by scriptures taken out of context but instead transformed by the love of God and by the Holy Spirit, began a new journey that enabled her to discover the true purpose of her life.

The book explores eight specific “I Quits” ranging from “Quit Being Afraid of What Others Think” to “Quit Living Someone Else’s Life” and although each chapter is meant to be read in order, Geri does encourage you to begin with a chapter that speaks most urgently to your particular circumstances and then go back to the beginning and read how that fits into the overall picture. I took Geri’s advice and read a couple of chapters “out of order” and found this in no way detracted from the overall message of the book.

One particularly interesting topic included in the book is a section on Enneagrams, where the author takes each of the nine Enneagram personality types and identifies in each case what we must die to in order for Christ to become our source of values and self-worth. For example, where Enneagram personality type nine is identified as the Peacemaker, motivated by the need to keep the peace and to avoid conflict, Scazzero says there is a need for the Christian to die to appeasing others and giving in to others, remembering that Christ disrupted false peace to bring true peace.

Overall I found I Quit to be a very easy to read self help guide and would highly recommend it. If you’re at the point in your life where you’ve decided that you can’t keep pretending that everything is fine any longer, you can follow Geri’s path and make the same journey she did.

—Reviewed by David Carter
Reprinted by permission of the author http://www.thestraitgate.org/blog/reviews/book-review-i-quit-by-geri-scazzero/


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