Consolidating on the Prairies

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada is divided up into regions. Over the years, much “tweaking” has taken place to provide each of these regions with the resources and support that each needs to fulfill its mandate of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The most recent “tweak” has taken place on the prairies as two regions have combined to mutually strengthen each other.

It has been an awesome privilege to work with Arden Boville, Chair of the FEBMID region (Manitoba), and their pastors and leaders. Our Manitoba churches stand firm in their faith and are committed to the Fellowship. The purpose behind our discussions was to provide the framework for a merger between FEBMID and FEBCAST regions (Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Territories) to enhance Kingdom ministry. This past May both regions voted on the proposal and together we will work under the new title of Fellowship Prairies. We are currently updating the Bylaws to accommodate the new boundaries and anticipate that the delegates to Fellowship 48, the Fellowship’s National Convention, held in November, will confirm this new relationship.

It is our intention to continue our annual Equip Training Conference but then, because of the distances involved, to duplicate the Fresh Waters Pastors and Wives Retreat as well as our Leadership Conference in various locations throughout our expanded boundaries. This will make it possible for the majority of our churches to have easier access to these events. Please pray with us as we merge our systems, and define the best means for us to work together for the Kingdom.

—Laurie Kennedy is the Regional Director of FEBCAST/Fellowship Prairies.

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