The Quebec Region at a Glance

The AÉBÉQ Region (Quebec) and SEMBEQ (Séminarie Baptiste Évangélique au Québec) have acquired a new building, east of Montreal. This twenty-five-year-old building will offer 60% more space. Major renovations, scheduled for August through December, are currently underway.

SEMBEQ cohorts are groups of students committed to growing together through a prescribed program, including development in knowledge, character and skills, over a defined period of time (6 years), under the supervision of a tutor and the assistance of a personal local church-based coach.

SEMBEQ’s cohorts are pursuing the training of future workers from all parts of Quebec. Since 2004, a total of 81 students have been involved in study. From that number, 31 are currently working part or full-time in a church and 50 others have secular employment. It is our desire that some of these students have greater involvement in their local church in years to come. It is an encouragement to know that 32 of our 87 churches have people involved in SEMBEQ training.

—Gilles Lapierre is the Regional Director for AÉBÉQ (Association d’Églises Baptistes Évangéliques au Québec).

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