Deep Roots in a Shallow World

Deep Roots in a Shallow World—Rediscovering Faith and Hope
Jeanne Best
Essence Publishing
ISBN #: 978-1-55452-809-7
239 pages, paperback
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“Warning: Deep Roots in a Shallow World will make you think! It digs up the basic teachings of the Christian faith and challenges you to take a closer look at them”

Jeanne Best’s book is designed for the unbeliever, the new believer, and is also relevant for believers of any age who want to re-examine the basic foundations of our faith. The book traces how the Bible came to be and presents evidence on the truth of the Bible.

I particularly liked chapter 3, Focus on Growing #3: Faith where the author gives an excellent factual and scientific description of the universe.

“Our entire Solar System with its orbiting planets occupies but a dot near one edge of the Milky Way. God has always existed, and before He ever created the earth and human beings He created this universe. Truly the vastness of these thoughts is beyond our human comprehension.

Other noteworthy features of the universe are its order and precision. The positioning of planet Earth with the sun, moon and stars is the precise requirement for life. Even small deviations would create an environment in which life as we know it would not be sustainable. The regularity of sunrise and sunset and of the seasons is absolutely dependable . . .

When we sense how small and helpless we really are, we begin to see God’s greatness.” (Deep Roots in a Shallow World, pages 57 & 58)

Jeanne Best includes a prayer emphasis and a good passage on the origins of evil and sin.

Each chapter ends with a section called, Let’s Talk About It which gives the reader discussion questions arising from the chapter. I like her format of using stories about real people and real events to illustrate her points. She then leads into the comparable Biblical story.

“In a world where people have lost their moral compass and struggle with relationships, Deep Roots in a Shallow World has a message of hope that’s relevant to 21st century living. The life-changing stories of real people will capture your attention as they reveal true faith, hope, and love.”

Jeanne Best worked in physiotherapy, health care administration and as a paralegal. She loves reading, writing, gardening, boating and cooking. Jeanne has also retired recently from her job as church librarian, a position she held for thirteen years. Currently she is involved in the prayer ministry at her church and volunteers at the local hospital. She and her husband, Jim, make their home in Barrie, ON. Jeanne is available to speak to Seniors and Ladies groups in southern Ontario.


Reviewed by Sharon Dow, Fellowship Authors

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