Cross-cultural impact for the 21st Century

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by Mark Naylor, Coordinator of International Leadership Development for Fellowship International and Northwest Baptist Seminary

On this website, Mark publishes articles of practical value for those desiring to make an impact within the culture or cultures in which they live. Mark’s vast experience as a former missionary for 14 years in Pakistan among the Sindhi Muslim people gives him great insight into cross-cultural outreach and the development of healthy intercultural relationships. Through Northwest Baptist Seminary, Mark assists Fellowship churches to develop and train those who desire to serve in cross-cultural ministry through the Cross-Cultural Leadership Development Program. He also coordinates the professional development of Fellowship missionaries and the training of national church leadership in their countries of service.

Articles such as “The significance of metaphor in communicating the cross of Christ,” “Contextualization and the essence of the gospel” and “Tools for talking about Jesus” abound on This website leaves the reader inspired to engage in significant conversations in daily life.

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by Sarah A. Lanier
McDougal Publishing Company, 2000
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