How to Pray for Missionaries

Sunday — Their spiritual life
Time to read God’s Word and pray. Spiritual growth. Encouragement. Fellowship with local Christians. Good links with sending churches and prayer supporters. For integrity, reliability, consistency.

Monday — Their personal life
Relationships between husband and wife. Developing and maintaining relationship with children, contact with parents and family back home. Friendships with nationals. Health and strength. Physical and spiritual protection.

Tuesday — Communication
Progress in language study. Adaptation to culture, customs and people. Clarity, creativity and relevance in preaching and teaching. Biblical emphasis. Involvement with those hearing the message.

Wednesday — Relationships
Harmonious relationships with other Christians, team members and church leaders. Partnership with the local church.

Thursday — Evangelism
For boldness. For godly, sensitive, Spirit-led ministry. Hungry hearts and the opening of spiritually blind eyes. For the establishing of Christ's church. For national missionary movements.

Friday — Discipling
For patience and empathy. Training young people. Encouraging new believers. Equipping those with leadership gifts.

Saturday — Their country
For those in authority. The political situation. Religious freedom. Openness to the gospel. Good relationship with officials.