How to Pray for Your Pastor

Sunday — Spiritual growth
Time to read God’s Word, pray and enhance personal spiritual growth. Encouragement. Building and development of a relationship with a spiritual mentor who can provide wise counsel and be a confidant.

Monday — Personal life
Strong relationship with spouse. Developing and maintaining relationship with own children. Health and strength.

Tuesday — Wisdom
Understanding and wisdom during times of adversity and working in the midst of difficult situations.

Wednesday — Administrative/Organization Needs
The ability to handle various ministry and administrative responsibilities especially when times of crisis occur. Productive and wise use of time.

Thursday — Sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading
Ability to listen for the voice of God in the midst of a busy and demanding schedule.

Friday — Physical, mental and emotional stamina
Opportunity to relax, rest and be restored so in order to be more effective.

Saturday — Spiritual protection
Protection from the evil one. Ability to resist temptation and live a Godly, holy life.