How to Pray for our Fellowship

Sunday—Pray for a revival across Canada.

∙ that God would use all areas of the Fellowship—regional, national, international—to impact our country for Christ.

∙ that as believers we would effectively be salt and light to those who do not know Christ.


Monday—Pray for Fellowship churches across Canada.

∙ for pastors and leadership teams as they seek to reach their communities for Christ.

∙ that those attending our churches would develop a personal passion to live a life worthy of Christ.


Tuesday— Pray for our Fellowship Regions.

∙ for our Regional Directors and their leadership teams:
FEB Pacific, Dave Horita
FEB Prairies, Laurie Kennedy
FEB CENTRAL, Bob Flemming
AÉBÉQ, Gilles Lapierre
Fellowship Atlantic, Glenn Goode


Wednesday—Pray for our National Fellowship.

∙ for Steve Jones as he serves our Fellowship as President,

∙ for the national Senior Ministry Team as they give leadership to the various national ministries: Rob Cole (Fellowship Services), David Dobson (Fellowship Ministries), Thomas Hopkins (Project Manager), Steve Jones (Fellowship President), and Dan Shurr (Fellowship Communications).


Thursday—Pray for church planters working across Canada.

∙ as they build and develop relationships, for opportunities to share Christ and for the development of church plants.

∙ for Fellowship French Mission church planters.


Friday—Pray for Fellowship chaplains working in various venues across Canada.

∙ for wisdom as they seek to provide hope, compassion and care to those with whom they come in contact.

∙ that they would be able to develop relationships and build bridges with those seeking guidance and counsel.


Saturday—Pray for Fellowship International. In particular,

∙ for the missionary team—spiritually, physically and emotionally.

∙ for encouragement as they invest themselves into the lives of those in their country of service.

∙ for those separated from family members either here in Canada or on the field.

∙ for those seeking to raise support.