Driven by a Vision

People - Jones, Steve 2012Fellowship National’s by-line is all about the local church, which means that our national ministry exists to serve and unite our Regions and churches so they can thrive for the glory of God.

To reflect this fundamental purpose to serve, unite, and thrive, we have rebranded our national magazine, familiar to so many readers as The Evangelical Baptist.

The magazine, now renamed THRIVE, will continue to be one of the key communication tools that we will use to tell our story – God working among us. My hope is that our churches will be driven by a vision to bless God.

Did you know that we get to decide how much God will bless our lives? Jesus said in Matthew 9:29 (NIV): “According to your faith will it be done to you.” The depth of our faith has a lot to do with how much our lives thrive. Jesus says it again in Mark 9:23 (NLT): “Anything is possible if a person believes.” Jesus tells us to believe and then to watch Him bless our lives. Our faith is key to discovering and living out the vision God has for our lives and experiencing the blessings He wants to pour into those lives. Our vision will eventually determine our destiny, and while we may be able to shape our vision, our vision will eventually shape us.

To make the vision God has for us a reality we must go public with it. We need to announce God’s will for our lives if we are ever to experience it. And going public demonstrates great faith. Telling others about God’s will for our movement is actually making a statement of faith.

Fall 2012 - president editorial imageThis is the key purpose of THRIVE, our Fellowship National magazine: To declare and announce God’s will for our movement. It is telling God’s story through the ministry of our local churches.

Our magazine will consistently state: “This is what we believe God wants us to be and do for His glory!”

By declaring that vision we are now accountable for getting things done. No more procrastination. By describing the great things God has done in our movement through the pages of our National magazine we will attract people’s support. Whenever you make a statement of faith, people follow. Declaring the vision releases God’s power. We release God’s blessing.

Our movement will thrive as we exercise faith, and faith starts with a vision. Nothing happens in life until we start with a God-given vision. So join me and let’s start living that vision together!