Christmas is Keeping the Doors Open (FAIR)

An innkeeper once closed a door in the face of a pregnant woman—and missed a miracle. We’d like your help this Christmas to prevent that sad piece of history from repeating itself.

Fall 2012 - Christmas SCH FAIR articleThe inn is Shikarpur Christian Hospital in Pakistan. The miracle is the physical and spiritual birth that is SCH tradition.

The women who come looking for help from the Shikarpur Christian Hospital pay for the services they receive—according to their means. Generally the patients are not well-to-do. FAIR (Fellowship Agency for International Relief) has been subsidizing SCH, providing the funding through the generous contributions of our donors, for various aspects of services offered. But reserves are being eaten up at an unprecedented rate. With rising costs due to inflation, the high cost of electricity and the higher standards set by the government for salaries, the hospital finds itself in dire financial straits. So serious is the situation that the hospital is in danger of closing its doors.

Fellowship International has a long-standing relationship with SCH that goes back to the 60s, and includes providing doctors, nurses, administrators and church planters.

At first glance, church planting doesn’t appear to be the ministry of a hospital, but at SCH speaking about Jesus is as important as holding out healing hands in His name. Bible women visit with patients and their female family members. The hospital has a church on the premises with a pastor who visits with the men as they await word. Pakistani nurses are trained in medical procedures and health care, but they also are evangelized and discipled. Community work is also done by the missionaries and national staff. The miracle of birth has been as spiritual as it has been physical through the ministry of SCH.

Shikarpur Christian Hospital is unique in Pakistan. In a country where women have been considered chattels, the hospital has specialized in caring for women. Because of that SCH has given our missionary family and our ministry partners, tremendous credibility in the community and surrounding area.

SCH was also a critical hub of activity during the crisis caused by the floods of 2010 that destroyed homes, crops and lives throughout a major portion of the country, providing medical help, food, clothing and materials for rebuilding. Some of that ministry is ongoing today giving the hospital and our missionaries contact, not only with patients, but with families and communities affected by natural disasters.

Luc and Denise Tétreault are currently raising their support in anticipation of service in Pakistan at the Shikarpur Christian Hospital. Luc has already seen significant overseas experience as a forensic pathologist in places like Kosovo. He has also served in Pakistan with Fellowship International. During the crisis caused by the flooding in 2010, Luc volunteered to work out of SCH to facilitate the delivery of relief supplies to those in the Sindh affected by the floods. Since those visits, Luc and Denise have been appointed for service at the hospital where Luc will take over the administration of SCH and also continue to facilitate the role of FAIR in that context. He is currently training his replacement at the major Ontario hospital where he has been employed. Luc and Denise are ready to go as soon as the needed support comes in. His presence at SCH would be vital under normal circumstances. Under the present circumstances, the need for Luc to be in Pakistan is urgent to guide SCH forward.

Please help us keep the doors open at SCH. A one-time gift would be much appreciated. Regularly committed support would help to guarantee the ongoing of the ministry. Funds provided through FAIR will help to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the services and staff available at the Shikarpur Christian Hospital.

After all, we don’t want to miss any miracles.   For more information on FAIR, and on how you can participate, visit our website at and follow the links or CLICK HERE to make a credit card donation now on a secure site.