The Ministry of Presence

Winter 2013 - Chaplaincy cross image from DD“The ministry of a chaplain, by its very nature, is in the community.  Chaplains are some of our key 21st century evangelists as they model what it means to be part of the body of Christ.  Fellowship Chaplains have the opportunity to bring the caring presence of Christ into today’s workplace where there are fewer and fewer opportunities for the Christian presence to be seen and felt. Our Chaplains have an important role to play in connecting with people in the workplace, and drawing them into a personal relationship with God through Christ.  They then disciple those new believers in their initial growth in Christ and encourage these new followers to integrate into a healthy local body of believers. Chaplains can also assist, equip and link believers and congregations in their own outreach into the workplace.” So says the description of Fellowship Chaplaincy on The Fellowship’s website.

In order to complete the mandate of Fellowship Chaplaincy, a Directional Document was prepared outlining the vision that drives the ministry. Basic to this vision is living out the “ministry of presence,” or living out the unconditional love of Christ among the people who come into contact with our chaplains as they serve in airports, hospitals, seniors’ homes, among the military and first responders, in correctional facilities and communities, to name a few. Being there for people, sharing the truth in love, connecting those people to the local church and training churches in how to reach out into their own communities, are all important elements in the strategic plan in carrying out the mission of chaplaincy.

Whether it be a passenger slipping into the chapel between flights to ask for prayer, or a patient facing a life-threatening injury, or the opportunity to have spiritual input into the life of a truck driver or the members of a sports team, Fellowship Chaplains are on the front lines, present and prepared to share Christ.


CLICK HERE to see the complete Directional Document online.