Why I am a Fellowship International Missionary

1. I believe our working in Italy was God’s call on our lives. He opened all the doors for us to serve Him with Fellowship International. The Lord has met all of our needs via the Fellowship International personnel and our Fellowship churches. I am very thankful to the Lord that He has chosen this channel through which to supply His provisions and blessings.

2. Fellowship International has missionaries and Christ's glory at its heart. I'm very thankful for their commitment to prayer for us and look after us. The ofFellowship Internationalce staff has always been like family rather than like "the boss." They have made staying on the Fellowship Internationaleld and focusing fully on the work possible because they have relieved us of the need to deal with the mechanics of support, government, pensions, health insurance, etc. Their relationship to us as missionaries, and through them our relationship to the churches, is a big part of wanting to continue to serve with Fellowship International.

3. Almost 100% of my support has always come from Fellowship churches. I'm very thankful that I am considered an extension of their ministry. Their many letters, cards, "care packages," love gifts, and personal interest has also contributed to our being able to focus on the work the Lord has given us to do.

4. The Lord has suited Rose and me to work as church planters in Italy. I'm not sure things would have been as smooth or trouble free in some other corner of the globe.

5. The care Fellowship International provided for our children as they were growing, especially in relation to their education needs and their transition back to Canada, has been signiFellowship Internationalcant.

6. We appreciate the freedom Fellowship International has given us to serve the Lord in our church-planting ministry as we saw the need. We were one of the Fellowship Internationalrst missionaries back in the old, old days that were allowed to serve even though some of our cultural differences may have been "sandpaper" to some of the churches. The staff knew the work of the Lord was more important and a few minor cultural differences.

We are thankful to be part of the Fellowship International family.

—Mario and Rose Bruno were appointed for service in Rome, Italy with Fellowship International in 1983.