Becoming A Fellowship Chaplain

Are you currently doing a chaplain-type role, wanting to connect with other chaplains, and looking for times of enrichment?  Consider becoming a Fellowship Chaplain.  The application process for becoming a Fellowship Chaplain is straightforward.  The first stage is to complete an application, read and sign off on the Fellowship Affirmation of Faith along with our Non-Harassment and Ethical Policies, and supply a current police check.  All of these documents are available from the Fellowship website at

After the application review, the next stage is a face-to-face interview (where possible) or a phone interview to learn more about you and your chaplaincy work.  Following that is a reference check.  With all this information, the Chaplaincy candidate team meets and then informs the prospective chaplain of its decision.  Approved candidates are asked to submit a fee as applicable. 

—For more information, please visit the Fellowship website or send an email to