Mission Coaching

People - Flemming, Richard"If churches are going to be Christís witnesses from ĎJerusalem to the ends of the earthí they need to be very deliberate in purpose and action. Accomplishing this challenging task doesnít just happen on its own! And given their limited resources, churches canít do everything; they must make choices! Mission coaching assists local congregations to identify and take ownership of their own strategic missions focus in such a way that it engages their people in the deployment of their unique gifts and resources in partnership with others, for the accomplishment of Godís mission beginning in their Jerusalem and extending to the ends of the earth. The missions coaching process provides a church a context for unhurried reflection and the intentional seeking of Godís face in identifying its own particular missions thrust into the world."

óRichard Flemming
Fellowship National Eastern Coordinator

People - Naylor, Mark 2015"The world has changed. Missions has changed. What hasnít changed is the need for the nations to embrace Jesus as Lord and Saviour. What is exciting is that the potential for significant engagement of your church in Godís global purposes has increased dramatically. Imagine if there was a coach to guide your church in discerning how to be an influential actor in Godís global mission. The Fellowshipís Coaching For Missions provides that support. Focusing on Godís missional purposes, the potential for a churchís involvement is discerned, leading to the development of an appropriate role, task and organizational structure."

óMark Naylor
Fellowship International Coordinator of International Leadership Development