Proprietary FAIR Programs

What are they?

Proprietary FAIR programs are relief projects and sustainable aid programs that alleviate suffering, empower others, and do not create dependency. Our Fellowship International missionaries oversee these initiatives that are based on a need in their ministry context. The projects can be ongoing in nature or have a specific end goal or date in mind.

Winter 2016 - FAIR propitary projectWhy do we have them?

For our missionaries such initiatives are the fruit of the Gospel and also create opportunity for Gospel proclamation. These initiatives provide a way to gain credibility. We have seen a need and want to be Christ’s hands and feet!

Our God is a God who cares for the suffering, the needy, and the abandoned. He models what we, His followers, need to be. FAIR (Fellowship Aid and International Relief), offers you the opportunity to be all that God wants you to be as it relates to showing compassion to a needy world.
How can churches get involved?


Consider supporting a missionary couple. Churches can be involved and informed about the FAIR
projects connected to their missionary’s ministry (in D.R Congo, Honduras, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Pakistan, Japan, Lebanon).

Do you know any individuals or families in your church interested in missions and humanitarian work and who want to go to the world and reach and serve the nations for Christ?

Is the Spirit of God nudging you to use the abilities God has given you to provide practical help that will alleviate human suffering? Why not use your professional training and skills in partnership with Fellowship International and help pave the way toward the ultimate goal of discipleship and church planting. Both mid-term and long-term options are available.

  • Doctors/Nurses/Midwives in Pakistan
  • Dentists/Dental assistants in Cambodia
  • Doctors/Nurses in Cambodia
  • ESL teachers in Cambodia, Japan, France, Colombia
  • Social workers in Honduras
  • Youth and children’s workers in Honduras, Lebanon, and Poland

We often feel helpless in the face of human suffering and social injustice. But we don’t have to be helpless! Join us. If you are interested in partnering with FAIR through Fellowship International in any of these areas, please complete the questionnaire found on our website.

How can donors get involved?
•    Be informed (go to our website
•    Read and study our catalogue. This lays out all the opportunities we have available to partner with our personnel and participate in these projects to help alleviate human suffering and social injustice.
•    Pray and give!

FAIR Project Overviews
We share some of FAIR's current projects related to the care of children.

Coaching for Better Maternal Health
(Shikarpur Christian Hospital, Pakistan)
Not only do the staff at the Shikarpur Christian Hospital provide in-house services to women and children, they provide teaching in general health principles for pre-natal, post-natal and disease prevention. They also provide village midwives with training in basic skills that will help lower the infant mortality rates.

Coaching for a Better Life
(Cedar Home Orphanage, Lebanon)
Cedar Home provides a Christ-centered home for abandoned children, orphans and children at risk in Lebanon. This humanitarian work is driven by faith and is designed to inspire, guide and help these children develop spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially andWinter 2016 - FAIR honduras boys article to fulfill their highest potential.

Coaching for More than Survival
(Vida y Libertad Orphanage, Honduras)
The “Casa Hogar” shelters 40 children: orphans, abused, street kids and those suffering extreme poverty. By providing the security of a safe and loving home including: food, clothing, medical care, education, recreational activities and most importantly spiritual guidance, the “Casa Hogar” helps to prepare these children for a brighter future in every sense.

—Dan Shurr is Director of Fellowship Aid and International Relief.