When my brother, John, suffered brain damage from a nasty fall in 1941, there were no support systems for my parents except a large government institution, which they did not choose. When our son Steven was born in 1963 with physical and cognitive challenges, my wife, Adrienne, and I found no Christian support programs beyond our local church. As I traveled across Canada in evangelism, I met many parents seeking help for their children with special needs. This triggered in my heart a vision to see a distinctively evangelical Christian ministry to serve persons with exceptional needs. In 1965 Christian Horizons was born, which now serves in Jesus’ name nearly 2,000 persons in Canada and over 23,000 around the world in communities of belonging. See www.christian-horizons.org for more information.

Jim Reese is founder of Christian Horizons and Jim Reese Ministries (www.jimreeseministries.com).