Supporting Your Church in Perpetuity

It’s no secret that God’s people support their local church through regular attendance, offering their spiritual gifts, praying for the church and staff regularly, and through the faithful contribution of their tithes and offerings. Though regular giving is a normal part of our worship as Christians, many do not realize that you can continue to give to your church long into the future through a legacy gift.

God spoke of his perpetual bond with His house in 2 Chronicles 7:16: 

For now have I chosen and sanctified this house that my name may be there forever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.”

The word “perpetuity”, meaning “a contractual provision”, usually refers to a financial product that has no end, like cash payments that continue forever.

One example is an ordinary annuity or endowment.

Supporting the church perpetually is done through tithing a portion of your Estate. Sadly, many who do allocate a portion of their Estate to God’s kingdom fail to honour their local church. Statistics show that 20% of people who give in their Will to a charity neglect to allocate a portion to their own church. It is also estimated that 70% of Canadians have no Will at all.

The Fellowship Foundation supports the local church in this way. Through the Fellowship Foundation you can allocate a portion of your Estate to go directly to your local church, continuing your support for many years. If you do not have a Will, we can provide the legal support to have one drawn up for you, all done quickly and easily at an extremely affordable cost.

To leave a legacy gift, simply follow these three steps: 

1. Confirm – Ask God what He would have you do with your Estate. Is He directing you towards leaving a legacy gift?

2. Call – Contact Gord Baptist using the contact information provided below. 

3. Continue – Continue to give sacrificially to your church now, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Estate will provide support to your chosen ministries for many years to come.

Gord Baptist is Fellowship Advancement Director and can be reached at: 519-821-4830, Ext. 244, fax: 519-821-9829, or