Establishing a VILLAGE in our Fellowship Prairies Region

September, 2017 saw the launch of Village Calgary in the Fellowship Prairies Region.

Pastor Vinh Doan and his wife, Laura, felt the Lord leading them to serve in Calgary, and He lead them to The Fellowship. Of course, the Lord did this right around the same time that He was stirring in the hearts of our Westbourne church to close and “re-boot”. Wouldn’t you know it? This also aligned with Village Church’s (Pacific Region) vision to plant a satellite in Calgary.

An average attendance of 240, another staff position (welcome, Pastor Nathan!), the beginning of a youth ministry (lay-lead), and His provision for the location of the church are examples of some early highlights.

You can hear the very Mind of God now, can’t you?

Why stop at a miraculous story of how this church came into being? Let’s keep it going, with an ongoing miraculous story of it currently ‘being’.

He’s that kind of God.

— Mark Breitkreuz is Director of the Fellowship Prairies Region.