What They Said

...About Fellowship 48

Everyone has an opinion, and some people believe that Baptists are more opinionated than most. But our Fellowship ministry staff asked for opinions about Fellowship 48, our national convention held in Toronto in 2011, and they got them. Four questions provided the basis for the evaluation. The delegates had this to say about their experiences.

What did you really appreciate about Fellowship 48 this year?

∙ Power of the speakers, unity of the message. A sense of moving forward.

∙ Godly men who are enthusiastic about their roles.

∙ Well-planned and well run; excellent workshops.

∙ I’m new to FEB…I loved learning more about FEB ministries and meeting other FEB pastors and leaders.

∙ Focus on God—telling of God’s stories, celebrating God’s work.


What could we do to make this an even more meaningful experience?

∙ A book table—so many local bookstores have closed, it would be nice to have this available.

∙ More time to connect in small groups with pastors and workers from other areas of the country.

∙ More opportunities to break into small groups for sharing, prayer.

∙ Help connect younger pastors with the seasoned pastors somehow, as well as have workshops for young pastors to encourage and help steer them through ministry challenges.

∙ Allow French speakers to speak in French and provide textual translation on screens.


I would like to have the following topics during future conventions:

∙ Something on worship.

∙ More personal renewal, opportunities to share resources.

∙ More on spiritual health of older/transition churches. Lots of great stuff happening outside of church planting.

∙ Expositional preaching: why and how. The foundation needs attention, returning to the centrality of the Word for faith and practice.

∙ The value of children —why ministering to them and their families is important.


What I am dying to tell you about this F48:

∙ I love the Fellowship.

∙ I am encouraged by how God is working in church plants, meeting Steve Jones, hearing his vision.

∙ The coffee break is over!

∙ This was our first visit as delegates to the conference. We were excited to see and hear all that our Fellowship is doing.

∙ Several outstanding messages by our men David Horita and Bob Flemming. Greatly moved.


These are only a few of the comments that were received. There were, of course, some criticisms shared and some worthwhile suggestions made for our 2012 Fellowship 48. Our ministry staff will take all of these under consideration and work to make our next F48 experience even better.